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William Gibson.

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

31337 order at Cinépolis

Yes! that'z right, more than a year ago, I received the order number 31337 !!! just imagine the number of posibilities, thousands of people buyin' shit at the cinema, hundres of malls within a movie theater, thousands of orders !!! pfff, and yes, teh fate, my fate, did the work !! B-D !...

Who one else better than me would receive "teh number" jajaj none !! that's right xDDD.. just kidding !!! ... someday, u'll have one too ... just fucking kidding again jajajajajja !!!! xDDDDD ..

Afterall, I still have the voucher in my wallet =D !

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  1. Epic win


    Y si esta para recordarse, lo mejor es sacarle una fotocopia, ya que con el tiempo, las letras se van borrando. Esto se debe al tipo de materiales usados, la tinta se evapora.