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DotDotPwn v2.1 - The Traversal Directory Fuzzer

DotDotPwn - The Directory Traversal Fuzzer

Chatsubo [(in)Security Dark] Labs say Hi !

Advanced Persistent Threat

John the Ripper benchmark

Having fun with RISK management equations

NY Times - Bombing Suspect's Long Path to Times Square

2600 m33ting @ Toronto, Canada

Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention 5.2 (formerly LeakProof) Data Leakage

I'm a GPEN now ! ;)

SANS Toronto - I got the Flag in the CTF ! ;)

c155p... my next challenge ! 4 phun & pr0fit

XOR Swap Algorithm

31337 order at Cinépolis

Exploiting apps replacing _init through shared libraries

From Hacker to C-Level