2600 m33ting @ Toronto, Canada

me (nitr0us) holding a Lineman's Handset (the *LEGAL* beige b0x :D)

I spent a great time with some Canadian friends in the monthly Toronto's 2600 m33ting. It started at 6pm when I arrived to the venue (Free Times Coffee), met Nicholaus and at the same time we asked for organic beer. We talked for about half an hour when another girl & boy arrived to the place =).

After that, we asked for more beer and fries !.. Meanwhile, we were talking about some interesting topics such as Toronto's airport physical insecurity, urban exploration, plants growth, comics, phreaking, electricity, comedy, etc..

1 hour later, another guy and hi's girlfriend joined us. He was a very interesting guy who brought a Lineman's Handset (the *LEGAL* beige b0x :D) and knew a looooot of things about phreaking and electricity.

2 hours later, 2 radical guys, dressed all in black (I mean, ALL), I can't remember where they came from, if from Chicago or San Francisco, but anyway... They were there, in Toronto, 'cause of their work: CAR HACKING =)... Yes, those guys were aliens or something like that, they weren't humans jejeje, they knew a lot of things to hack new and old Cars!!! and also, they carried a lot of cool stuff and devices in their bags ;).. Aw3some shit !!!...

As you can see, THAT'S HACKING ... As I said before, hacking is not about 31337 üb3r 0-day exploits and l33tz0r pwnz0r st3alth b4ckd00rz ...

I had a great and interesting time there !...

The venue, Free Times Coffe @ Toronto, Canada

Keep rocking !


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