Chatsubo [(in)Security Dark] Labs say Hi !

Well, before I go to bed, I'd like to present my workplace, the :

Chatsubo [(in)Security Dark] Labs.
Here, cool stuff happens, insanity crossing the wires, sparks emerging from the keyboards and damn g00d music resounding the walls. Nowadays, distributed in 3 different geographic locations in Mexico, The Chatsubo Labs is armed with laptops, servers, desktops, one firewall, one access point, switches and routers. In there, resides research projects, tons and tons of lines of c0de developed by me (nitrØus), a variety of Operating Systems (Solaris, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Minix, Gentoo, Debian, CentOS, n00buntu, RedHat, IOS and probably others) and many virtual machines to have fun as well.

By now, you may be wondering where the hell the name came from? Well, It's inpired in the bar described early in the Cyberpunk novell Neuromancer (William Gibson), The Chat (short of Chatsubo), exists in some particularly dingy corner of Night City, in Chiba, Japan. Then, that's why I liked the name, a concensual hallucination, my meeting place for cyberspace c0wboys and hackers (friends of mine) eager to do interesting stuff.

Now, lexicographically speaking, the [] and the () represents nested options, what I mean is that I can call my labs as any of the following ways (which helps me in different situations depending on the context;)):
- Chatsubo Labs
- Chatsubo inSecurity Dark Labs
- Chatsubo Security Dark Labs

Wanna see?... A picture is worth a thousand words, so, this is it !, a picture of the Chat that I took a few years ago in one of the currently 3 different geographic locations:

The next is a picture of an old laptop where I learned some of Operating Systems Development and learned how to build my 0wn boot loader in ASM in a floppy disk (3.5") jeje. With this toy, I used to have fun with my first OpenBSD 3.4 and Red Hat Linux 7.3

What about decoration???... Well, a jellyfish thank and lavalamp helps to make the Chatsubo Labs a nice place to work:

Video of the Jellyfish Tank:

Finally, if u want 2 add teh labs on ur 0wn website/bl0g, these are the *official* banners (note my highly specialized graphic design sk1lls in MS Paint jaja):

Keep r0cking !!!!! Ch33rz !
- nitrØus


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