My research cited on a scientific technical report

Well, have past a long time since my fingers wr0te something on this wall... But today, I was just looking for advancements in vulnerability and exploit development on Google and !! something really nice appeared in front of my eyes and behind my screen jeje.

I was reading the following technical report from The Department of Mathematics, Royal Holloway, University of London:

Technical Report
16th February 2009
Title: Buffer Overflows in Microsoft Windows Environment
Author: Parvez Anwar
Comments: Search Security Award Winning Project

... And suddenly, I read the author refering my name, comments and a c0de of mine. It made my day, obviously, B-)

Here are the paragraphs that made me feel pr0ud of myself..

... and the c0de that made me scream like crazy :@ a few years ago ajaja.. but it was worth ;)

Full report:

ch33rz !!! /o/


  1. Epic win?

    Valla que a de ser grato que tu trabajo halla tenido una referencia en la investigacion y aun mas en este campo.



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