(In)secure, funny and peculiar C code posted on Twitter

No, this is not a post about how secure or insecure is Twitter’s code itself. It’s about code posted on Twitter by ordinary people, coders, ninjas, aliens, etc.
As you might know, the directive #include is used to tell the C pre-processor to include certain portions of code, data structures, data type definitions, etc. within your C program. On the other hand, a hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the sign # to group messages, tweets, posts, pictures, etc. referring to a specific topic. Therefore, in the cyberspace, specifically social networks, #include is not a directive, it’s just another hashtag.

Having said that, last night I had insomnia and I spent a while looking for #include on Twitter wondering if I would find some interesting C code. Well, in less than two seconds, my screen was full of tweets by people expressing the thrill they felt after writing their first “Hello World”s and other peculiarities in C programming language. You'll notice that most of them were written by Asian people, why? Have no idea.

Have phun:

Following some tweets with c0d3 that caught my attention:

Who said Buffer Overflow? ;-D

I can prove that I can allocate and free memory as fast as Chuck Norris pulls the trigger: 
The devil in on Twitter }:-) 
ñ_ñ she likes strcpy():

This is not code, but I'm pretty sure that that Warning: was because of the percent signs in the text, 10% and 5%, and evidently, sprintf() was expecting two vars for those "format strings":

And some others who know about the weaknesses of those functions just have phun with them... Like the butt overflow by @jduck:

Or this sushi emoji overflow that will not compile ($stomach, confused with PHP, lame) by me:


I delete the screensh0tz in my Desktop with C cuz I can:

I want some of diz peculiar dinner that will never compile (? printf(" );?):

Accompanied with a big cold beer.h:

VX writers everywhere:

 One about girlfriends and $$$:

Such a smart guy !

Some help needed:

Someone was sleeping in class zZzzZzzZzZ:

And the last one, a funny one in Spanish but basically it is a 
printf("They jerk me off .!.");

After this, I think it'd be a cool idea to create a Twitter bot to grab C code from #include (hashtag), pass it through Flawfinder (http://www.dwheeler.com/flawfinder/) and tweet the output back.

Happy c0ding + Social Nets ! B-)


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